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10 worst dating profiles

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You know it when you see it: you click on someone’s profile and can’t help but cringe as you flip through their photos.It’s that guy who snapped a shirtless cell phone pic of himself flexing his muscles in a dirty mirror. There are already too many ways to turn people off with the photos you choose to post in your profile.Look over this list of the worst offenders as defined by the 13,162 men and 43,178 women who responded to Match.com’s online poll on this subject and see if you agree with their choices.If you have any of these date-repellers posted in your own profile, don’t waste time: swap them out for something better today!Below are the top 10 cringe-worthy mistakes made in profile photos, ordered from least to worst offensive: kind of photo — with your profile!Statistics show that profiles with photos are viewed far more often than those without.

And besides being tacky, no one wants to have to email you to see what you look like.

They’re going to wonder why it isn’t right there and what you’re hiding instead. Even if the person in question is a sibling, cousin or friend, this comes across badly and makes you look like you’re on the rebound.

Instead, post images of yourself with same-sex friends (but don’t post all group shots, either; I’ll discuss the reasons why in more detail below).

And put up some photos of just you, alone, that show your face and your whole body.

Roughly 15 percent of women who responded to our poll said this was the biggest turn-off for them.

Make sure your photos are sharp and taken with good lighting.

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