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18 and 16 year old dating texas

They are both in high school, he's a senior and she's a junior about to be 17 in May.

to Sheldon Cooper, the idea of child prodigies attending college before they can get a driver’s license has often been fodder for sit-com humor.“I took two college-level math classes when I was 10 [one online and one taught by a tutor],” she recalls.“When I was 12, I decided to try public school again.” She started out well in the small, STEM-focused high school, but it “quickly became a difficult experience for me, both socially, in that some people were hateful, and academically as it was several steps backwards.” After one semester, Jett dropped out, returned to home schooling and co-enrolled at Tarrant County College.At community college, she was able to earn the credits to finish high school and start earning college credits.She graduated high school at the age of 13, then applied to four universities, including Texas A&M, and was accepted by them all.“Of the four schools, A&M was the most respectful, helpful and enthusiastic,” she notes.

“Everyone I dealt with during the admissions, acceptance and enrollment process was just really nice.

It was also the most affordable.” It helped that her experience with Texas A&M began years before.

Jett, a Fort Worth native, accepted her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the College of Liberal Arts’ commencement ceremony at Reed Arena on May 16.

She says most of her professors and fellow students were unaware of her age, and those few in-the-know were supportive.

The Road To Early College Jett’s unique journey to college began in kindergarten when she was already reading chapter books.

When testing revealed she was gifted, her mother chose homeschooling.

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