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2gether dating site

“He’s strong and wise and very discerning,” Kristy said.

“I was in there by myself, shaking them trying to find the clue.” When she finally found it, it took her to the basketball gym where she and Loran first met. Before that, he drove to Tennessee from Florence (Kentucky) to ask my parents’ permission to marry me.” What was your first date?They also give their three sons honest answers when the boys have questions and approach modern issues with God’s grace and truth.“We try to do everything with faith in mind,” Loran said. It’s something we want to make a natural part of our home, not just on Sundays.We want to make it natural so they don’t get a double standard.” “Our faith in God has caused us to raise our kids differently than most of the world,” Kristy said.“We’ve sat down as a family and read the whole Bible together.We’ve incorporated trying to serve together, like at Life Bridge.

In our marriage, we have grown totally and completely by personal prayer. I don’t know of anything extraordinary, just the ordinary, but it’s how He’s providing for us. At the same time, she sees some social situations coming and knows I’ll be overwhelmed and avoided it.” “We learned to be selfless and not selfish and how to complement rather than conflict with each other,” Kristy said.

He’s been faithful over and over.” What has been your biggest challenge as a couple? The Greenes married later in life, which presented some communication and adaptation challenges. What are some of the qualities you most appreciate in your spouse?

I hereby declare the details I have submitted to be true and accurate.

Also my vehicle, to the best of my knowledge, is in a good state of mechanical and electrical repair, holds a current UK M.

3, 1998Children: Luke, 16, and twins, Jake and Andy, 14Occupations: Kristy is an HR generalist at Southeast; Loran is a Senior Analyst for a federal government agency Residence: Middletown, Kentucky When Kristy Greene’s boyfriend Loran came to her house and gave her a letter and said, “See you later,” instead of taking her to breakfast as planned, she was miffed. He was kneeling, and he asked Kristy to be his wife. For their first date, Loran took Kristy to O’Charley’s. “He immediately followed it up with Easter lilies,” Kristy said. He was very kind and respectful of me.” “She was pretty then, just like she is now,” Loran said. The Greenes’ biggest leap of faith was their move to Louisville.

But when she opened the letter, it gave her instructions to go to the same O’Charley’s restaurant where the two had their first date. “I had barely gotten back to my desk when the flowers showed up.” What first attracted you to your spouse? They had just finished construction on a custom-built home when Loran’s job led them to Kentucky.

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