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Album art not updating

Then I rename this "cover"or "folder album name"(It doesn't seem to matter), click on refresh album art and my updated album art appears in Winamp.

I changed the look for folder files option to *but it has made no difference. I guess it might take a while to get a reply but I should say that this had previously worked OK - Album Art I had added manually as I indicated above has updated my Ipod fine and is still on there, it's only new albums that I can't add album art to. The majority are fine but some just haven't transferred. Donations to support the ml_i Pod project can be done HERE Cheers fella, not sure quite how the uploading thing works but I think this is it; Pod-C-2009-Let me know if I'm doing it wrong!I have tried "refresh album art and metadata", and I have deleted the albums from my Ipod and then sent them again but no album art shows up As I said, if Winamp managed to find the album art straight away then everything works fine and I have album art on my Ipod. As another update, the album art that I thought would normally be fine (ie Winamp found it no problem) I do now have on my ipod after refreshing the metadata and album art (not sure which worked) but still nothing from anything that I downloaded the art for manually Thanks, Liam.Actually, you have to create the archive immediately after sending the files to the i Pod, without ejecting in between.Anyway, I'll be away for the next two weeks, maybe we can figure that out later...?Hello, I have a new 120Gb Ipod classic and have been using ml-ipod (v3.08) for a month or so now and love it to bits. Most of my albums I right click the album cover in Wimamp and select get album art.About 40% of the time this works and it finds the album art.

Once I send this to my Ipod (I never do a full sync as I have too many tracks, only playlists sync) then the cover art works fine.

However to get the rest of the album art that Winamp can't find (and it's a lot! I open the album folder (from within Winamp) and drag and drop t6he correct album cover.

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