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Approaches to consolidating local government services

Report » Town of Lancaster and Villages of Lancaster and Depew Outline the range of municipal cooperative arrangements between three governments in Erie County from approximately the mid-1990’s to the present and profiles the consolidation of the police departments of the Village of Lancaster and the Town of Lancaster that was accomplished in 2003.

Report » Morristown Shared Services Case Study This study examines what services could be shared between the Town and Village of Morristown and the local school system.Examines the impetus for the creation of the Broome County Partnership Council, its recommendations of 1999, and what actions if any have been taken on those recommendations.Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) City of Canandaigua The City of Canandaigua and the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council implemented their state and locally approved intermunicipal watershed management plan.Report » (PDF) Canaseraga Central School District The Canaseraga, Cattaraugus-Little Valley, and Randolph Academy School Districts are studying the feasibility of sharing records management service, identify where improvements are necessary, then make recommendations for the schools to share or consolidate services and streamline service.Report » Town of Chester The Town of Chester and the Village of Chester studied the services provided by the two municipalities and where they can combine space, service, departments, or employees.This study outlines the application process and project planning that resulted in receiving $54,000 to study the problems of small municipalities trying to deliver services to taxpayers in the most economical ways.

Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) City of New Rochelle The City of New Rochelle and School District of New Rochelle are studying cost efficiencies and service improvements through joint implementation of technology services city and district wide including capital and operational outlays for technology services, procurement policies and practices and outline various models for the improved provision of technology services.

Report » Town of North Elba The Village of Lake Placid and the Town of North Elba studied how to consolidate two Highway Departments and the Village Water Department; consolidated the 2 Parks Departments; and restructure financing of shared services, align fiscal years, create a central purchasing office and equalize water and sewer rates.

Report » North Elba – Lake Placid Consolidation Study The town of North Elba and the Village of Lake Placid currently share the cost of fire protection, building department staff, the assessor’s office and have developed a joint land use code overseen by a joint review board.

Lake Placid’s new mayor had hoped to continue this process by developing a Shared Services Memorandum of Understanding in 2006.

The proposed MOU recognized that their actions affect “one community” and outlined some of the potential areas on which to focus cooperative efforts and where costs might be equalized for town and village residents such as possible consolidation of highway departments.

Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) Northern Dutchess Alliance Case Study This case study examines the origins and development of the Northern Dutchess Alliance, a voluntary, multi-sectoral coalition of governments, community organizations, and business interests in Dutchess County Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) Town of Portland and Village of Brocton An analysis of municipal services in the Town of Portland and Village of Brocton in to determine if any opportunities exist for delivering current services in a more cost efficient manner without jeopardizing effectiveness of these services.

Profile for approaches to consolidating local government services:

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