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Backdating child tax credit

When you apply for Child Tax Credit, the Tax Credit Office will take into account your circumstances (and those of your partner) when deciding how much you’re entitled to.The tables below give you a rough idea of the upper annual household income limits for getting Child Tax Credit.

Call the Tax Credits Helpline on 03 to get a claim form.Changes in your circumstances can affect the amount of money you should be getting.For example, if your income drops, you may get more support.Or if your income increases, you could have to pay back any money you’ve been overpaid at a later date if you don’t let the Tax Credits Office know.If you’re already claiming tax credits, call the Tax Credit Helpline to update your claim.You need to renew your tax credits claim every year if you want to keep getting them.

The Tax Credit Office will write to you telling you what you need to do to renew your tax credits.

If your circumstances change at any time during the year (for example, if your income changes, your child leaves home or you move house) you should call the Tax Credit Office on 03 to let them know.

You can’t claim Child Tax Credit if you’re claiming Universal Credit.

You could get a basic amount of up to £545 a year (known as the ‘family element’).

You’ll get extra amounts (‘elements’) on top of this, depending on your circumstances.

The rates for the 2016 to 2017 tax year are: If your annual household income is £16,105 or below, you’ll get the maximum amount for each Child Tax Credit element you qualify for. Anything you earn above that will reduce the amount you can get.

Profile for backdating child tax credit:

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