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Catholic church view dating

This is what Lisa Duffy, herself a Catholic who has been through that process and the author of No.

The annulment process is a legal process within the Church so it bears some similarities to a civil divorce, but that’s about the only similarity.Historically, it’s been required that after a tribunal has made it’s decision (called the decision in the first instance) the case is to be reviewed by another court and render a decision either in favor of or against the first decision (decision in the second instance).What Pope Francis has done is eliminated the case review and the decision in the second instance.He has given the bishops and the canon lawyers/judges final authority on the decision.That would seem an injustice of mercy, in a favorite word of Pope Francis’s.And so, earlier this week, the pope made news announcing reforms to procedures for annulments in the Catholic Church.

He did this in advance of his visit to the United States for the World Meeting of Families and a meeting in Rome with bishops from throughout the world next month on the same topic.

The move doesn’t seek to weaken marriage, but rather to tend to the wounded.

As a culture where marriage and family is in crisis, we certainly cannot afford to welcome, celebrate, or encourage divorce and annulment.

Still, we also know that they are a painful reality for many, and that addressing them is a pastoral issue.

In the Catholic Church, it wasn’t only Pope Francis, but Pope Benedict XVI before him who worried about divorced men and women feeling alienated from the Church.

In some parts of the world, getting what would be a valid annulment is a hardship, if not an impossibility; in other parts of the world, not so much.

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