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Dating in dunedin

The isotopic composition of strontium has been determined for samples from the alkaline lavas of the Dunedin Volcano covering the range basalt, basanite, intermediate compositions, phonolite and quartz normative trachyte.The basaltic, intermediate and phonolitic rocks appear to be comagmatic and have similar low initial Sr ratios around 0.7030, comparable with those of other alkaline provinces.

Contamination by sea water or crustal material could explain the higher initial ratios of the trachytes but it does not account for important features of their chemistry.It is suggested that the trachytes formed by partial melting involving an alkali feldspar-rich portion of older igneous rocks.Rb-Sr ages obtained are comparable with published K-Ar dates. and the other alkali-enriched rocks give ages ranging within the limits of 14.4 to 12.0 m.y.A young Dunedin film-maker's short documentary taking an unflinching look at a dating app for gay men has been accepted into one of the world's most prestigious festivals.Channel 39 reporter Annabelle Dick's documentary The Grind will be screened at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in May.Ms Dick said the documentary, which she made last year with Kyan Krumdieck while at the New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch, gave insight into the subculture that exists on Grindr, a dating app for gay men.

She was in shock when she found out on Monday the documentary had been accepted for Cannes.

"The fact that we got into one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, I am just pretty blown away.'' The next step was raising the money to get to Cannes, which she said would be a fantastic opportunity for them to meet some of the key players in the film industry.

They chose the topic because people were "always fascinated about sectors of society they don't know anything about''.

Some of the stories they uncovered could be shocking to some and one of their interview subjects had slept with 100 to 150 men using the app.

"We want to shock people while keeping it tasteful.'' After interviewing 10 men who used the app they found people used it in very different ways, with some looking for casual sex, others looking for romance and some just wanting to find friends.

She found there were many similarities with the way people used the predominantly straight dating app Tinder.

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