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Dating of invoices

Invoices should have dates to clarify obligations for both the issuer and recipient.

The date is also one way individual invoices are recorded and distinguished from one another.How is it perceived if I just post the invoices received in Feb 2014 as 31-jan-2014 to avoid making journals?As long as Jan and feb are in the same VAT quarter, it doesnt have vat effect.Interactive community publishing Registered in England & Wales No.Home · Help · Managing your order Pre / post dating invoices.We receive invoices for services rendered in a month in the following month.

Eg accounts work or any other services rendered in Jan 2014, we will get the invoice in Feb 2014.

The logical treatment is to post invoice in feb 2014 and accrue for it in Jan 2014.

Invoice dates should be displayed prominently to prevent confusion over the invoice and to ensure the invoice is a reliable document.

Quick question, my client issued me with a P/O which was dated a month ago, they said I can back date the invoice if I so wish to speed up ...

I have just been chasing some payments, and a relatively new customer of ours has turned around and said we are dating our invoices illegally ...

We will close our books on June 30, 2011, but start invoicing for the next year's income on June 1. Many people ask us if we can issue an invoice that is dated a few days before or after we would ...

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