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Dating while legally separated md

In heterosexual marriages, the husband was traditionally regarded as the head of the household and was expected to be the sole provider or breadwinner, a role which is still maintained in some cultures which are sometimes described as paternalistic.The term continues to be applied to such a man who has separated from his spouse and ceases to be applied to him only when his marriage has come to an end following a legally recognized divorce or the death of his spouse.

In today's society a husband is not necessarily considered the breadwinner of the family, especially if his spouse has a more financially rewarding occupation or career.In such cases, it is not uncommon for a husband to be considered a stay-at-home father if the married couple have children.The term husband refers to Middle English huseband, from Old English hūsbōnda, from Old Norse hūsbōndi (hūs, "house" + bōndi, būandi, present participle of būa, "to dwell", so, etymologically, "a householder").At the conclusion of a valid wedding, the marrying parties acquire the status of married person and, while the marriage persists, a man is called a husband. The rights and obligations of a husband regarding his spouse, others, and his status in the community and in law, vary between cultures and have varied over time.In monogamous cultures, there may be only two parties to a marriage.

This is enforced by legal codes which outlaw bigamy.

In polygamous cultures, there may be more than two parties to a marriage.

Dr Mark Molitch of Northwestern University in Chicago, whose study is published in the New England Journal of Medicine, said: ‘In recent years, talk about low testosterone and its treatments have become part of the public discussion.‘Yet questions have always lingered about the treatment’s effectiveness and safety.

I believe the results of this large, nationwide study will provide doctors and patients answers and guidance they’ve been looking for.‘Importantly, there was no evidence of an increase in heart or other cardiovascular issues in those who received testosterone compared to a placebo.

And we monitored the men in this study for at least a year after receiving treatment.’ Experts insist there is no need for men to suffer as they get older, and should have access to hormone replacement therapy in the same way that women are able to take tablets as they pass the menopause.

They believe the treatment could help boost mood as well as a man's sex drive‘While these initial findings are encouraging for men with low testosterone levels, our trials will continue to analyse the data to determine whether testosterone treatment improves cognitive function, bone density, cardiovascular health and anaemia, as well as the risks of testosterone treatment.’But Professor Frederick Wu of the University of Manchester, said: ‘It should be emphasised that is a relatively rare condition since only 1.5 per cent of those screened - 790 out of 51,085 men - were eligible to enrol in the trial.

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