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Did luann say dating jewish man

The Real Housewives of New York begins right where we left off, with Bethenny and Luann disagreeing about Luann’s midwife influence on the birth of Skinnygirl.Luann brushes it off, and expresses pride in Bethenny, casually asking about any potential love interests.

Luann asks her what her rather loud problem is, and Bethenny takes a breath and unleashes her fire-breathing wrath.She calmly asks what is stuck up Bethenny’s skinny butt, and points out that she thought that they were friends.Bethenny throws out accusations, nastily calling Luann a cheap whore.Bethenny then ups her game, stands up and goes gangsta—rapping and motioning out her vicious judgement like her mogul parallel — P. Luann informs her that she has pitch issues, and to try again next season.Bethenny finally blows, incensed that she didn’t get full credit for the invention of the Lu-do.Girls that don’t party till dawn and keep their panties on, should get full credit for an ordinary layered bob.

Bethenny squints in fiery passion, and Luann isn’t having it — noting that a good roll in the hay would do any skinny screamer good.

Luann stays cool as a cucumber, and admits to dating and having fun.

Luann tells her to bring on the crazy, as Bethenny’s Bethenny bleats out that Luann put the moves on Ramona’s boyfriend, and Ramona agrees, insisting that Luann should have submitted a written request to date Tom.

Ramona accuses Luann of shadily enticing Tom to the dark side.

Carole interjects herself into the drama, wishing her snoozy RSVP didn’t include the Dorinda is annoyed that someone who is barely awake is causing more problems.

Bethenny shudders at the idea of allowing Luann to own a hairstyle first — by seven seasons.

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