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Ezine dating a geek

There were flowering vines of all kinds growing everywhere that required clipping every couple days.Trumpet flowers pressing over climbing roses, each reaching for the sky in competition for the sun.

Eagerly I glided with my cart through Grocery stores, Home Depot, Gardening centers, etc, piling high the shopping carts with all my earthy joys. By the end of the second summer I had ripped out everything the previous owner had planted in my yard (Beach theme?SO overdone here) and replaced them with all the delightful stuff I’d found.Exciting colors, amazing textures and anything that struck my fancy.If I thought it was cool or pretty, I bought it and stuck it in the dirt around my house.I recently spoke with Matthew Harris (left) from Extreme Vehicle Protection.They make a car/cover that encapsulates vehicles to prevent damage from rising floodwaters or tides due to heavy storms.

Harris, along with business partner kenney Lerner, appear on Shark Tank this Friday.

When I first moved to Virginia and got a house, I was thrilled that I suddenly had lots of dirt to decorate with whatever flowering thing I found at stores.

By the time the fourth summer rolled around it occurred to me my yard looked like a floral experiment: exotic tropical flowers, whimsical wild field flowers, traditional English garden flowers: all crammed into a 20 foot by 50 foot space. If nothing else it was a lot to take in and sometimes people would slow down when they drove by my house, just to look. And I realized I had goals for my yard that I hadn’t considered when I started decorating it. But I also wanted something manageable (something it had gone WAY beyond being).

And most of all, I wanted a yard that attracted butterflies and humming birds.

Instead I had plants that needed a ton of watering right next to flowers that die with over-watering.

I had heedlessly planted bulbs that need a frost each winter, next to hothouse succulents that die with even mildly chilly temperatures.

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