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Guide dating aynsley china backstamp

Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups:- I have a set of Aynsley teacups and saucers with a cake plate and 6 small plates to match along with a cream jug and sugar bowl.All have a green Aynsley mark stating 'Aynsley' in a ribbon scroll and 'bone china' over this with a crown between the words 'bone' and 'china'.

The outside of the teacup is white with a gold band around the base, centre of the cup and rim as well as on the hand.Recently my mom gave me a couple of boxes of china and crystal that I think is from my grandmother.(My mom is 86 years old) I have been so frustrated because I too can't find anything about these Aynsley cups and saucers.They have the exact same stamp as the ones described but are black with three different designs all on the outside with the th gold rim on the inside.I am thinking they are from the 1930's - 1950's period because of the 'bone china' mark and something similar that I have seen but I am very new to this so any help would be appreciated!Claire==========================================Reply by Peter (admin)To:- Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups Hi Claire Thanks for your query.

The set you have is a lovely design - very simple but able to give you great pleasure to use or simply admire.

You were correct in the earlier of your estimations of date.

The backstamp mark can be dated to between 19 making it late art deco but not of the extreme Claris Cliff 'Bizarre' type.

After this time, the stamp is similar but has an 'EST. Aynsley often did not name their patterns but simply gave them a number. It is strange to think of this lovely set being produced in the period of the great stock market crash and before the Second World war.

If you'd like further information or a valuation, I suggest you visit my page: anybody with any other information about this lovely tea service is more than welcome to leave a comment below.

Best regards, Peter (admin) I am so glad you posted this comment.

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