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How long to be friends before dating

Others, prefer to have a friendship established before they dive into romantic exclusivity.There's no right or wrong answer as to which way is the better way to start off a relationship: friends then lovers, or lovers from the start.

An advantage to dating fresh is that automatically you're going to start off tabula rasa.Starting off romantic is a coin toss: heads it will work out, tails it won't.The riskiness of dating someone new can only be deemed a good thing or bad thing over time because every dating experience is different.Starting off friends: First comes friendship, then comes love and marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.It's not easy finding "the one." For some, it's actually quite difficult and frustrating.When it comes to relationships, everyone's got a preference.

While looking for a potential suitor, some people prefer to start off with a clean slate.

They meet someone, talk, go on several dates and eventually find themselves in a loving, caring relationship.

Unless you were set up on a blind date, after meeting a person, something about you must have intrigued and attracted them in some way or they wouldn't have asked you out on a date. You really shouldn't have any judgments going into the date because you don't really know the person.

That's the fun/scary part; you don't know them, so you don't know whether or not they hate your favorite Dave Matthews Band song, speak Creole, are a compulsive liar, are convinced they are Rocky Balboa, are still in love with their ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, hunt for sport and so forth.

After several dates, you might realize you have so much in common with this person, and you can't imagine how you've lived your life for so long without this person. However, after several dates you might realize you both have nothing in common and there's no spark. If it doesn't work out between you both, you can just stop talking and resume life as if you both never met.

There's no messy cleanup or tangles within your lives, because you guys haven't known each other that long.

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