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Indian dating clubs in durban

One afternoon, in Calcutta (now Kolkata), my mother and I began organising the albums sticking back some photos that had come loose.There we were pouring over pictures of what could best be called a rather haphazardly maintained record of the last two generations of my family’s middle-class existence. It was a picture of my father, my baba, aged 26, or 27.

There is also an unmistakable hint of sleep still hanging over the young man as he sits cross-legged, looking down towards a cat which is lazily rubbing itself against the front leg of an easy-chair.There is also a pamphlet my mother, Kanika, has kept safely, where you see him featured as a model for a Philips Double Beam Oscilloscope.Baba always gets embarrassed when I probe to ask him about that incident about how he came to model for that advertisement.But he smiled when I showed him this picture with the cat.Prenota il tuo Personal Shopper al Centro, fatti consigliare durante i tuoi acquisti dal nostro personale esperto.Image & Text contributed by Chirodeep Chaudhuri, Mumbai Most family albums are unremarkable, but, nostalgia as we know, can be a tricky customer.

As a photographer, and more so as an editor-of-photography, the exercise of going through a family album can be testing, and fraught with danger – too many pictures there which “could have been better”.

When I was growing up, our home too had several photo albums – the ones with black pages and deckle-edged black and white photos affixed with photo corners.

The print had yellowed and was damaged; a ball-point pen gash (most likely done by a very young me) sits agonisingly in the centre of the frame.

Each time, I have looked at this picture, since making the discovery; I have always wished I was the photographer.

I remember thinking, my father was not a bad looking chap.

My father had begun working at Philips () in Calcutta in 1964 in the company’s Head Office and soon, in 1966, the Head Office shifted to Bombay and as part of that transition, he too moved to Bombay (now Mumbai).

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