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Intimidating volleyball cheers

-------------Chant #19Ace: Stomp stomp clap stomp stomp clap stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ACE Other team hits ball out: 1, 2, Seeya Your team calls ball out and it's out: G-double o-d-e-y-e Goodeye Goodeye Spike: 1, 2 kaboom-boom Block: Captian yells BRICK everyone else yells wall!

-------------Chant #14(after an good serve or ace) we want another one just like the other one rewind (clap clap) replay (clap clap) -------------Chant #15were fired up were sizzlein were tunin up the heat cause when it comes to volley_ball we can't be beat!!!! He fell into the water, and bumped his little head, when he came back up, this is what he said.He said GO GO GO Go you mighty wildcats Fight fight fight fight you mighty wildcats win win win win you mighty wildcats GO FIGHT WIN and do it again!You gotta fight to win clap clap clap clap..clap and if you don't you won't clap clap clap clap..clap!-------------Chant #18the ace one..a-c-e- baby ace..with clapping..Chant #1Mustangs is our name, Volleyball is our game, Teal is our color, Black is the other, UH, You think you're bad, UH, We know we're bad, UH, You think you're bad, UH,trial please. (clap, clap, clap clap clap, clap,clap, clap clap clap, clap, clap, clap, clap) VOL-LEY-BALL!-------------Chant #2"Hey Hey You get out of our way Today is the day We will put you away! -------------Chant #4Wooooosh (slide stepping in one direction) what was that?

Woooooosh (slide stepping on the floor in the opposite direction) you hear that?

Never worry, never fear That’s just (server’s name)’s ball flying past your ear! Bumps, sets and spiking too, Wooo Woo Woo Woo So hit the ball like the rest of us do!

-------------Chant #5We've got the power to be #1, Through the rain, the snow, and the very warm sun, We are the (name of team)and we know what's best From the North to the South, to the East to the West. (Crescendo)= Low to high to low again -------------Chant #6We are the Spartans (or your team name) The mighty, mighty Spartans (or your team name) We got the beat yeah And it goes like this Clap your hands together twice Clap the hands of the cheerleaders next to you twice, or if you are on the end clap your side Clap your hands in your lap twice Stomp twice ------------- Yippee! -------------Chant #8Bump, Set, Hit, Spike That's the way we like to fight!

Chant #7We are the (school mascot) and you know what we got. Chant #9beginning of the game get in a circle: mirror, mirror on the wall whos the fairest of them all?!

pretty girls don't play ball so lets get UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------Chant #10O-V-E-R, Over the net (clap twice) Serve it, serve it Go (girl's name that's serving!

-------------Chant #11We want another one, Just like the other one Ace ace ace ace ace! We're Bad, We've got the game, We can't be had, We're the best, Our Teams too cool, We've got the Stuff, To rock your School! Chant #13Using the boom, snap, clap: 1- you hit your chest and say bump 2- you snap and say set 3- you clap and say spike 4- you bring your hand over like a gator clap and say AHH-ACE. -------------Chant #17V*O*double L* E*Y*B*A*Double L Volleyball clap clap Wildcat Volleyball clap clap There was a little wildcat, sitting on a log, cheering for the other team, he had no sense at all.

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