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Linux ntp not updating

Hello, I would like to know how I can get the time from the NTP server themselves.For example, is there an executable where if I give it the NTP server it would spit back the date and time to me.

My Virtual Machine's clock drifts pretty significantly.i think perhaps it had to do with the idea of using different methods simultaneously and how this would be bad. Basically, the host will slew the ticks delivered to your guests as it can. Just install vmware-guestd and let the host slew your ticks.If you still lose ticks, then any other solution will have major drift too.If you can, use a guest OS that has a low frequency tick rate.Newer versions of Linux come with 1000Hz ticks, but it used only to be 100Hz. A kernel rebuild is usually needed to change the HZ value.Timekeeping best practices for Linux guests among other things says: Ref:

language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=1006427 NTP Recommendations Note: VMware recommends you to use NTP instead of VMware Tools periodic time synchronization.

NTP is an industry standard and ensures accurate time keeping in your guest.

There's documentation out there about dealing with this, but nothing seems to be working very well.

Anyone have any suggestions, things that worked well for them, ...

Supposedly updating regularly via ntp is not a good solution.

about ntp solution: i have to admit that i cannot remember at the moment the reason why ntp was discouraged.

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