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Making new friends is like dating

Lucky for me, my husband did most of the chasing in that scenario and I reaped the benefits of catching myself a great man.

When the weather is nice, the park is our go-to place to friend-shop. We are all just sitting around watching our kids and praying that they don’t fall off the twisty slide.Church is another place where my toddler gets to play with kids her own age.Just like when you were dating and you had to put yourself out there, it’s the same as parents. I can easily sit back at the park and watch my kid run around while I scroll through my phone, but that means missed opportunities for adult interaction.You won’t make any friends for yourself or your kid by staying inside watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day, every day. When I was dating, I would pretty much let any interested guy start up a conversation with me, but I was generally too shy to pursue someone I found attractive by making the first move. Instead, I can be brave and introduce myself to the mom sitting on the other side of my bench and strike up a conversation. I dated a guy once who only ever talked about himself. While I enjoyed getting to know him, the fact that he never really asked me about myself made it a no brainer why he did not become my husband.Just like when dating, there’s always the possibility that you can love someone so much, yet that love can remain unreciprocated.Does any part of the above situation sound a little familiar to you?

That’s because trying to find play dates for your kids or mommy friends for you is a lot like the dating world again.

The curiosity in a new person, the insecurities of how you (or your kid) comes across, the bold step to making plans after your first meeting, and then following up with more outings together…it all sounds so reminiscent of when I was dating my husband.

By Rebel Circus Dating is no walk through the park, but neither is making a new friend… It would be incredibly awkward to walk up to a exhausted stranger carrying a newborn and say to her, “Wanna be my friend?

However, when it comes to finding a mom friend, the struggle is real.

” It would be so much easier if life would just let you swipe right on other moms that seem cool.

Here are 15 reasons why making a mom friend is exactly like dating. When you finally find a mom friend that you like, the feelings may not be mutual.

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