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Stock secondary gearing is 21 tooth trans sprocket and 48 tooth rear wheel sprocket.This gives a 3.98final drive ratio, combined with stock tire size your turning about 4000RPM at 70 MPH, she's basically screaming at that speed.

There are lots of other changes made to the Ironhead tranny between 19.Most notably the shift pawl change in 1972 to the more modern one.In 1971 the ball & ramp clutch release replaced the right side worm release type.1975-76 used a linkage system to convert shifting from right side to left.1977 trans shift lever redesigned for proper left side shifting.1979 was the last year you can outfit a sportster with a kickstarter 1 st 2.52 2 nd 1.83 3 rd 1.38 4 th 1.00 The Evolution Sportster 4 speed is the same as the late 19 Ironhead, however in late 1986 Harley decided to change the clutch gear from 17 tooth to 18 tooth and the countershaft gear from 27 to 26 tooth, which tightend the ratios closer.

The new gear ratios are: Late 1986-1990 1 st 2.29 2 nd 1.66 3 rd 1.25 4 th 1.00 My problem with the close ratio gears is I think it kinda takes a bit from off the line to keep the engine in it's peak at the higher speeds.

This is great if your drag racing, but for highway crusing it sucks.

XLF Portal Forums Sportster Encylopedia XLF Angel Riders Memorial XLF Social Groups XLF Blogs XL Shout-Chat XL Arcade XL Downloads XL Links XL Photo Gallery XL Member List Contact Admin Recommend Us The CYA Legal Stuff (PLEASE READ) After doing tons of research on the Evo 4 speed, I figured I'd put together a thread to help people with 4 speeds.

Not an expert on the Ironhead but I'll give it a shot.

The Ironhead basically falls into two catagories: 1957- Early 1984 these motors had the generator mounted up front.

The Late 19 Ironheads had the generator removed and now used an Alternator which was mounted behind the clutch shell and used a completely different clutch gear.

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