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Okcupid dating persona test maid of honor

This blog will be where I talk about things that are on my mind, stuff I like to do, and/or things that interest me. My creative writing teacher in 11th grade (1986/87) wanted us to create a "Pen-Name" that was "Creative," and "St. So, after some really weird doodling, along comes a slug covered in multi-patterned colors, making me think of a Psychedelic Slug. " Everyone called me "Psycho." (We'll get into that later) After some word play, Psycho_Delic_Sea_Slug just sung me into writing heaven....(smirk). My first four stories, thus, aquired it...the rest, they say, is History!!!

By some odd chance, we were matched on Ok Cupid, sent a few messages back and forth, and realized that we'd like to see where this journey would go.Our first date was at Texas Roadhouse in Joliet, during which we barely ate any food, talked for several hours, and scared my mom to the point of almost calling the police. No worries, she loves him now.) On our first few dates, we went mini golfing, ate at my favorite pizza place, Chesdan's, saw some terrible movie where Allen informed me that I'd have to poke him to keep him awake, had a picnic in the woods with Arby's curly fries and chocolate shakes, and drove around for hours, listening to music, talking, and just enjoying each other's presence because we weren't quite ready to go home yet.During one of those drives, Allen looked over at me and asked, "what would you say if someone asked if we were dating?" To which I responded, "are you trying to ask me something?" And he again asked, "what would you say..." So I again responded, "are you trying to ask me something?" Then, he finally asked, "will you be my girlfriend?

" And this is when it was made perfectly clear just how little game Allen has, which I find completely endearing.

When it happened: September 5th, 2014With the help of Victor at Kay Jeweler's, I was able to pick the perfect ring to ask Colleen to marry me.

Next came the task of asking for her parents' blessing and her brothers' permission.

Although everyone questioned my sanity, I ensured them that I was ready for Colleen to be my wife.

I then had to try and figure out the perfect time to ask the question.

Through conversations with Ashley and Amber, I knew the right time would present itself and it would be one of the happiest moments we would ever share.

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