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Online dating safety advice

Some people may think online dating can be too risky, but in some ways it is actually safer by allowing you to get to know someone first before meeting them.

Most men will be understanding and will want you to feel safe, so meeting someone that doesn’t care about your sense of well being may not be the type of man that’s worth meeting.Most people looking to meet someone online would understand the need for privacy and will most likely want to protect theirs as well until a certain level of trust is established.Keep your home address, phone number, financial information, family’s member’s names, and anything else you feel is personal to yourself until you know you’re ready to share it.The great thing about chatting online is that if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, most sites will allow you to simply block them, or you can report them to the site administrator.Even if you just get an odd feeling from someone, you can choose not to reply to their messages and move on to meeting someone new.Take separate cars to the meeting place and have a friend check in with you part way through the date to make sure you’re okay.

If you feel uncomfortable at any point, don’t hesitate to make an excuse and leave.

You may feel that you don’t want to offend your date, but it’s better to keep yourself safe and trust your intuition.

Women should be cautious anyways when it comes to the dating scene, but for online dating that fact is only truer.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to meet someone online or move the relationship to an offline type of meeting, but it does mean that you should stay safe and take the right precautions.

Protect Your Personal Information If someone is asking you for more information that you’d like to give, don’t be afraid to tell them no.

It should raise some red flags if you choose to not give out your information and the person asking you becomes angry.

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