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He noted that one of the boys held up two fingers on his right hand and tapped his throat in order to make the quaver. Thus did Ii enjoy himself with the children of Nanakuli, and he continued to spend his spare time with them.” (Ii 19) Resources: I‘i, J. Various interpretations of the meaning of the name Nānākuli can be found scattered among sources.

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When the boy listened carefully to the long, drawn out sound, he could distinguish the words that they were chanting. Share on Facebook By Christine Hitt 12/8/13 Nānākuli literally means “look at knee” or “look deaf” (Pukui, et al. There are several stories that attempt to explain the origin of the name as we know it today.

He asked his aunt to let him join the children, and he quickly saw how the quavery sound was produced. [sic] [Kauiki reaches and touches the sky, etc.] “This was memorized by all and was chanted in perfect unison, and the boy noticed how pleasing it was. And, while many of the stories are convincing, there are still others by native residents who believe that the name of Nānākuli was either altered or misprinted from its original spelling.

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By Christine Hitt 12/8/13 We know much of Wai‘anae’s cultural history through John Papa ‘Ī‘ī’s series of articles in the Hawaiian newspaper Ka Nupepa Ku‘oko‘a. His writing was translated by Mary Kawena Pukui in 1959 in a book titled Fragments of Hawaiian History.

‘Ī‘ī visited Nānākuli often as a child to spend time with his relatives.

In order to visit them, he had to travel by foot through one of three trails: one by way of Pōhākea, one through Kolekole and another by a route below Pu‘u o Kapolei.

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