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Polyamory married and dating gay

Have you ever wondered how we became the society we are today? Yet all these questions have the heteronormative as a base for judgment.We grew up believing in the principles of family, passed on through generations: two people get together as a couple, later getting married and reproducing - an heterosexual normative that has always been backed by society’s constitutional laws. Polyamorous defines someone who loves/dates more than one person at the same time, something that many people find difficult to understand. Polyamory does not mean that a person has constant orgies or that they quantify their life to several people.

The truth is that, if you’re in love with many people that does not diminish the love you have for anyone else.Adam and Shayne were married when they met Sebastian and then decided to live together and have a three-way relationship because the three of them are in love with each other.Adam and Shayne got divorced so that them three can have a relationship balanced on the same ground.As Adam explained, “Sebastian was different to anyone we had ever met.There was something about him that Shayne and I couldn’t explain, but it was like meeting our life partner for the second time.”Society and conservatives condemn these relationships as irresponsible but isn't it more irresponsible to assume a relationship we don't want to assume, simply because it is the norm?The law should change for those who live as polyamorous.

Legal rights should not be limited to those who live in monogamous relationships - it is time for a change in tax, parenting laws, adoption and immigration policies.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong about either monogamy of polyamory, because that is not a decision that the world makes for us, it is a decision we make for ourselves and others, with the people with whom we get together. There is no book of rules for being a polyamorous, as there is none for being a monogamous as well, but the key factor lies in communication.

You love several friends as you love several members of your family. The difficulty comes when people try to understand “how it works”.

There isn’t an exact explanation for this because every relationship is different – even the monogamous ones.

In fact, if the answer to that question is easy for a couple, why is the cheating rate so high?

For example, a Canadian couple decided that their relationship was taking another step when they both fell in love for another man.

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