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Richard winsor dating

The Winsors were one of the first families to settle in Rhode Island.

Samuel the 2nd (1677-1758) later became pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence.He married Mercy Harding and had nine children: Joseph, Samuel the 3rd, Martha, Mary, Mercy, Hannah, Lydia, Deborah and Freelove.Samuel the 3rd (1722-1803) was also a pastor at the First Baptist Church.However, in 17, a controversy within the church caused him to form a new Baptist church in Johnston, Rhode Island.He married Lydia Olney, and upon her death Anne Winsor, a distant cousin.Included in this collection are letters, marriage certificates, a marriage and death book, deeds, receipts, bills, wills, tax records and inventories.

Subjects include the opening of the Johnston public schools; marriages performed by Elder Samuel Winsor; transaction of lands in Smithfield, Johnston and Glocester; James M.

Ballou's peddling with Barnum's Traveling Museum and Menagerie in 1852; Lydia Winsor's 1802 purchase of a fashionable saddle; Olney Winsor's advice to his daughter while she was away at boarding school in Hartford; and Olney Winsor's advice on treatment for diabetes in 1826.

He had several daughters and sons, including Olney Winsor (1753-1837), Lucy (b.1745), Hannah (m. Olney married Hope Thurber and had several children, one being his daughter Susan (1789-1879). Benjamin married first Zelota Angell, and second Lydia Hawkins (1767-1856) of Smithfield, and had several children, including Serril Winsor (1798-1871).

The Winsor family papers span from 1686 to 1904, with the bulk of the material dating from 1780 to 1840.

Much of the collection contains information on families from Johnston, Smithfield and Glocester, Rhode Island.

Some of the material pertains to other families probably related to the Winsors.

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