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Riley keough dating

NICHOLAS HOULT: I actually tried to be more normal, because if you stand out, then you're a target. But Hugh [Grant] was a good role model to have [at age 12] because he was always the most charming person.

THE mystery lady that Robert Pattinson is All Shook Up over is none other than Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough. And the laid-back pair looked very comfortable in each other’s company as they headed back to Rob’s LA mansion after buying a ping-pong table.R-Patz and Riley first met through Kristen (ouch) but cemented their budding friendship while carrying out modelling duties for Dior.Robert is the face of Dior Homme while Riley used to represent Dior Cherie and still has ties to the company.Forlorn K-Stew, who’s working solo in Paris at the moment, is spitting feathers over the romance as she only split with Rob in May.Sources say: “K-Stew feels betrayed and is hurt that Rob is moving on so quickly after their intense four-year romance.” However, it might be said she only has herself to blame.Last year, she did the dirty on the beautiful one with married British film director Rupert Sanders, 42. The beauty was hanging out with Skins actor Nicholas Hoult in May and has been engaged to Magic Mike fittie Alex Pettyfer.

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Not only is the model-turned-actress, 24, a dead ringer for his ex Kristen Stewart, she also starred with K-Stew in 2010 flick The Runaways. The redhead, whose mum is Lisa Marie Presley, was spotted riding shotgun in the Twilight hunk’s pick-up truck on Saturday.

A pal reckons things are already pretty Tutti Frutti between them, saying: “Riley and Rob are glued to each other’s side.

“Rob’s awestruck that he’s dating someone related to Elvis as he’s a massive fan of rock ‘n’ roll.” We hear the hot new item are spending every last minute together before Londoner Rob, 27, heads to Toronto to start work on his new movie Map to the Stars on Monday.

They’re even planning on getting together for tomorrow’s July 4 celebrations.

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