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Updating vdefhub zip

I suppose this module needs to be amended to work with V3 as well.Somehow with no key entered I've been able to use the displayed map to enter geolocation.

I'm using a development machine on an openvpn, so I'm not sure how to specify the address to use for generating the key.In any case, shouldn't the key warning popup be removed, it's really annoying, a message on the resulting page would be less 'in your face'.I have the self same problem and have had for over a week now.the maps all work just fine, but the error: This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. appears on nearly every page since maps are quite heavily integrated into my site. As an aside, I did load the Key API and moved the key there. I have also gone through the entire site to find any unmatched keys and there were none. I see this is rated as "normal." As I get closer to launch it is going to become quite urgent for me!For inputting from a memorystream instead of disk files, or passwording etc, see the samples above.The Zip Input Stream has one major advantage over using Zip File to read a zip: it can read from an unseekable input stream - such as a Web Client download.

However it currently cannot decode AES encrypted zips.

Google map api v3 no longer requires a key to function:

(Back to Code Reference main page) How to use Sharp Zip Lib to work with Zip files These samples try to cover the range of situations you will encounter.

You may need to combine parts of each sample for your application.

Table of Contents on this page Create a Zip with full control over contents Create a Zip from/to a memory stream or byte array Create a Zip as a browser download attachment in IIS Unpack a Zip with full control over the operation Unpack a Zip - including embedded zips - and re-pack into a new zip or memorystream Unpack a zip using Zip Input Stream (eg for Unseekable input streams) Download and Unpack a zip from an FTP server with recovery This sample illustrates many aspects: This sample concentrates on the differences for memorystream output, the most important of which is setting Is Stream Owner = false so that the Close (which is needed to finish up the output) does not close the underlying memorystream.

For multiple entries, passwords, etc, see the code sample above. By writing directly to the Response Output Stream, zip download starts immediately, which fixes timeout problems when zipping large files.

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