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In a segment a couple weeks ago, for instance, Nathan kicks off an interview with the owner of a maid service by shaking hands and then noting he likes to greet people with a weak handshake to establish that he’s not a threat.

As he sets up a segment on comedy in the workplace—embedded below—Nathan grabs his own hand to keep himself from forwarding an email, and then he calmly refuses to let go.(I also love the split-second appearance of an orange at the end.)Although they might seem disposable, these off-kilter moments lend depth to Nathan.If the premise of the character were merely that he’s an awkward guy who shouldn’t be on TV, Nathan For You would be monotonous, like an extended Saturday Night Live sketch. He’s a fleshed-out character who sees the world through a strange, unpredictable lens, and when Fielder has a spare second or two to show us the view through that lens, he doesn’t waste the opportunity.Case in point: After his initial greeting in the park, as he walks away from the tree, he gives an almost imperceptible shrug to the camera, like he’s asking us, “Did that do anything for you? ” You can see the post-peekaboo discomfort wash over him in his meek attempt to salvage the moment.Back in the 1800’s, fraternal organizations were started with the aim of making men better men. Get a group of good men together, and they will change their school, their campus, and the world.Every man is a work in progress, but here are 30 characteristics of a good guy any man can grow and become: What would our character and reputations look like if we applied these principles?

Take one or two of these today and begin applying them to your life.

This list is based on some of the creeds of the most known fraternities.

What would fraternity reputations looks like if men followed the ideals?

No man is perfect, but we can all work on becoming better men.

Nathan begins one of tonight’s segments by peeking out from behind a tree and letting out a tiny yelp.

Fielder, the comedian, often gives Nathan, the character, odd bits of physical business when he’s opening a segment—filigrees of awkwardness that sometimes have something to do with the topic at hand but are just as likely to be non-sequiturs.

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