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Who is santino marella dating

the match was booed heavily by the crowd only to be broken by positive cheers when umaga gave courageous santino a somoan spike. Santino Marella debuted on the April 16, 2007 episode of WWE Raw from Milan, Italy.

wrestler who beat umaga for wwe intercontail belt the first match ever on wwe tv, he dated wwe diva maria(on wwe tv only) and is a cl*ss act and great guy to meet, funnest guy ever in wwe nowalso got slapped by jim cornette for laughing at booegyman, hes one of a dozen+ guys to hold ovw tv belt santino marella beat umaga first match ever in wwe thanks to lashley(former ecw champion) a wwe wrestler who lacks any entertaining abilities or skills. but other than that, he rarely defends his championship and his fighting style is very formulaic, bland and boring.he is a blackhole in the raw timeslot in terms of entertainment.any real wwe fans who are of italian descent will not go nuts everytime he fights. ” santino marella has been argued to be the next john cena in terms of him being given huge pushes with barely any cool moves at all.he won the intercontinental championship at milan, italy (on raw) through the help of a miracle. he is the “milan miarcle.” and lastly, when he retained his championship at the pay-per-view vengeance through disqualification of his opponent (umaga was disqualified because he wouldn’t stop hitting santino when the referee told him otherwise), no one gave two sh*ts about him winning. He was later given a new track, "La Vittoria é Mia (Victory Is Mine)"—written and composed by WWE music producer Jim Johnston [cite web|url=bln Writer=True&bln Publisher=True&bln Artist=True&key ID=9252050&Show Nbr=0&Show Seq Nbr=0&querytype=Work ID|title=BMI: Johnston James Alan|accessdate=2008-01-21|publisher=BMI] —which features heavy guitars and opera style singing in Italian.* Santino's Casa** Marella hosts a weekly segment on called "Santino's Casa", where he discusses the latest pop culture events in his own style.

is currently (2008) wrestling on the raw brand of the wwe roster he contains one of the most humorous gimmicks (acts) in pro wrestling history as an italian sterotype.

you son a ma gun, these are the bottom lines cause ykj was saying so (wwe fans will pick that one up)santino marella: is currently (2008) wrestling on the raw brand of the wwe roster he contains one of the most humorous gimmicks (acts) in pro wrestling history as an italian sterotype.

cite web|url= Alexiev profile |publisher=OVWrestling.com|accessmonthday=April 16|accessyear=2007|archiveurl= and Shawn Osbourne) who were holding the title simultaneously.

He dropped the title back to Kruel on February 7, but got it back on March 14, holding it for three days when he dropped it to Shawn Spears. to begin training with the goal of breaking into professional wrestling, and ultimately WWE.] after having just defeated him at the June 24 pay-per-view by disqualification when Umaga stopped listening to referee's instructions and continued punching Marella.

background saying he was an Italian national who moved to Canada as a child and returned to his native country a few times each year to visit family. After losing the title Marella began a heel turn, being depicted as a possessive and jealous (if self-proclaimed) boyfriend of ** Flying thrust kick ** Full nelson facebuster ** Hanging figure four necklock ** Jawbreaker ** Leg–feed enzuigiri** Low kick ** Rolling over the shoulder arm drag ** STO* Managers** Mr.

Strongko** Maria * s ** "The Italian Stallion"** "The Milan Miracle" * Entrance themes** Marella's first WWE entrance theme was from the Video Helper production library and titled "Rocky Start".

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