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Who is sully erna dating

The very next day Jo's cold sore was gone and Sully had one in the same spot and the same size as the one that Jo had.

He has been married to Jo Anna Wortham since April 24, 2014.The song "Re-Align" is about how every time Sully goes to New Orleans (touring with Godsmack), he would get sick.Supposedly, in his previous life, Sully was killed in the city of New Orleans, and in his current life, "evil spirits" would come and haunt him every time he visited New Orleans, thus making him sick and disturbed.In the fall of 2002, a few months before he and Godsmack performed at the 2003 Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans on Halloween Night, he saw a psychic that helped him understand how to fight off these spirits.Salvatore Paul "Sully" Erna, is an American vocalist and primary songwriter for the American metal band, Godsmack.Erna is also a guitarist and drummer, performing these both on albums and during live shows.

Sully Erna was born on February 7, 1968 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA as Salvatore Paul Erna.

He is an actor, known for Каждое Воскресенье (1999), Царь Скорпионов (2002) and Противостояние (2001).

This problem may explain why Godsmack doesn't go to New Orleans so often when they tour, despite the huge fan base they have in the city.

Heavily influenced by grunge band Alice in Chains and lead singer Layne Staley.

Has a similar low, gravely singing style like Staley.

The name "Godsmack" came from when the four original members, (Sully Erna, Tony Rombola, Robbie Merrill, and Jo) were in the studio and the Original drummer, Jo, came in with a cold sore on his face, and Sully was giving Jo a hard time the whole day.

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