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Zombie dating

Web development competition for CS Games Sherbrooke It’s the end of the world as we know it... The chief of the horde is commanding you to create a new dating site for his son (who is not ugly enough to be popular among zombiettes).

It didn’t appear to be really harmful and nothing was really done to counter it. I’m requesting that you remove my photo and my screen name from your website.This kid is such a joke and such a tool and I am embarassed I ever gave him a good review on our date.I didn’t share anything with you guys that he didn’t share with the rest of the Internet so I’m not sure how he thinks I’m violating his privacy.Second of all, I did not defame him in anyway until this post.You may or may not have noticed a revision to my 9/16 post “One Prolific Post”. Although I refrain from giving away personal information and being Facebook friends with the weirdos I meet online, I made an exception that week so this kid would go out with me. This is a settlement offer and not a waiver of rights.

I forgot to de-friend him after our date and I guess this is why I shouldn’t friend these creeps on The Book. These are the next steps if we can’t reach an agreement.

I no longer can refer to him as his screenname so I will now refer to him as “LAWSUIT”. My attorney will file suit against you in state court.

Anyways this mega tool saw a link to Zombie Dating Blog on my FB page and sent me this gem: LAWSUIT Your website violates M. We will contact the others on your website whose rights you also have violated, and join claims with them. If the court finds you liable, you will pay punitive as well as compensatory damages.

That being said, I think douche bag is the perfect word to describe him.

I mean, if you read a blog that doesn’t identify any true personal information about you, and you are ready and willing to pay THOUSANDS of dollars to protect your online dating identity??? All I can say is this kid is clearly just upset that I didn’t go out with him again.

Breaking hearts and writing blogs…Sorry for partying.

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